“Live Life to the Max” is our motto and we believe the only way to do that is to enjoy the best of everything. Some of the world’s best hotels and resorts are in Indonesia; these are especially highlighted in Five-Star Pleasure. Each featured property was chosen for its unique character, ambiance and appeal that makes it an exquisite destination by itself and not just a place to spend the night.

Publishing since 2010, Five-Star Pleasure is a bestseller magazine selling in major bookstores such as Periplus and Gramedia. Each annual edition of the Five-Star pleasure features only the best accommodations in Indonesia, with key information and contact details for all the properties included. Five-Star Pleasure is the ideal guide to the most lavish five-star properties in Indonesia.

Five-Star Pleasure comes in three titles: Five-Star Pleasure, Five Star Pleasure – Wedding in Paradise, and Five Star Pleasure – Villa Edition.