MAXX-M is a premium travel and lifestyle magazine that delivers top-quality, up-to-date insights on travel destinations, local culture and lifestyle to a growing number of elite readers both in Indonesia and around the globe.

Since the magazine’s first edition in 2003, we have consistently and reliably introduced readers to the most select establishments and provided in-depth, comprehensive analyses of the entire spectrum of services in the hospitality and travel industry. We dissect individual elements of luxury accommodations and upscale restaurants and report what makes a particular place special in the eyes of our readers, living up to our tagline: “Hospitality at a New Level.”

MAXX-M focuses on travel with an edge, providing expert insights and exploring the often-unseen attractions of destinations. It avoids the common by covering only high-end destinations and featuring the most captivating locations that will suit the most discerning traveller. We offer tips on travelling in comfort and style, all presented in a robust writing style that sets the magazine apart and makes it an indispensable resource for a new breed of voyagers.

Our readers are interested in unrivalled destinations and compelling activities. They demand more from travel than just a trip; they want to create moments that will last a lifetime. MAXX-M readers range from busy corporate executives and professionals to young and edgy travellers.

Our editorial content covers a vast range of topics. “News and Travel” runs down the latest news and trends in the travel and hospitality industry, giving you information that every traveller must know. “Food Review” visits the best restaurants in Asia while “Profile” tells the story of some of the most successful people in the hospitality industry and highlights extraordinary individuals for their intimate knowledge of hospitality and luxury travel. “360-Degrees: Around the Globe” highlights premium travel at its best, with a unique new edge. “Life’s Good” provides an in-depth look at some of the best accommodations in the world, and, of course, “Cover Story” explores a unique theme each month.

There is simply no competition when it comes to presenting “Hospitality at a New Level,” and our readers agree that MAXX-M is the undisputed leader in hospitality and travel information.