PT. Maximillian can connect you to merchants and bring product and service offers that will benefit your customers greatly. Joint promotions is a powerful tool for marketing. Each collaborating party has its own role and brings value to the collaboration. One party may provide a privilege or discounts to customers of the other party while the other party provides media exposure to bring in customers. The objective is to increase brand awareness and attract new customers for both and ultimately increase revenues.

We will help you identify product and service offers that best fit your customers’ preferences and demographic; and, secure promos and privileges from merchants to feature their own offers, brands and logos in your promotional materials. Our service covers merchant sourcing, merchant account activation, merchant training, and cross-promotion / cross-selling of products.

We have been in the merchant acquisition industry for more than 10 years and currently have direct relationships with over 5,000 merchants and suppliers of products and services in a wide range of categories, including hotels and villas, dining, retail, and lifestyle. We possess the network and relationships that can open doors and thus we are well suited to bring quality merchants to your portfolio.